After many hours of research and paperwork, we have come up with these solutions.

STCs for the Aero Commander Model S2R Thrush

This STC is to install a geared 1340 Pratt and Whitney engine to replace a 1340 Pratt & Whitney direct drive engine. The geared engine uses either the 3D40 counter-weight or a 23D40 hydromantic with Otter or Albatross blades.

23D40 with Albatross blades

3D40 Counter-Weight with Otter Blades

This STC is for an outside air scoop to brings outside air to the engine thus lowering the air temp going into the engine by at least 125 degrees. The air going to the engine goes from a negative to a positive air flow. This leads to lower fuel consumption, lower oil temperatures, and increased engine performance.




These STCs have also been approved by Transport Canada.

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